Get fit on your own Schedule

Welcome to The Hit Fit Club, where you can build fitness and enjoy working out at any time that works for you!

Set your Own schedule

Never get frustrated with gym class times that never seem to work with your schedule


Open Availability

Fitness doesn’t need to come last within your already packed day

Set your own pace

Don’t worry about paying fees for classes or about not being up to par with the rest of a class

Get Fit at your Convenience

The Hit Fit Club offers a new model for fitness training in Albuquerque. We created a 30- minute workout that gets in everything you need. And best of all, there are no class times or sign-ups required. Because our workout, The Hit, is performed on a circuit, we can rotate in new people every few minutes. You show up when you want to work out, and within moments you’re working up a sweat and blasting fat.

Get Fit with a Free Session

You may either sign up now or walk in and try a session free of charge!

Join the Club!

Fit for you, Fit for your schedule

We’ll provide you with a trainer to motivate you in every interval session and an initial one-on-one session to get you started from wherever you are today.

Everyone begins at their own fitness level, with no issues about keeping up with classmates.
Check out our WORKOUT page to learn more, and sign up for a free session today!

Questions? CONTACT US for more information. You’re going to love how well this program
works and how tailored it is to your schedule, no matter how much it changes!

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