The Hit Fit Club Leaderboard

This is our Hit Fit Club workout leaderboard. Come in, train, and earn points to try to be #1 each week! We will share our results on Facebook of our top Trainees!

Get Fit at your Convenience

The Hit Fit Club recognizes the need for providing an empowering and effective workout. Many gyms only provide group exercise classes at set times or personal training at a prohibited cost. Instead of having to deal with a rigid class schedule, The Hit Fit Club offers you flexibility to workout when it fits your schedule.


Instead of paying expensive personal trainer fees, The Hit Fit Club offers you the benefit of our positive and passionate coaches to assist you throughout your training.

From the moment you walk into the door, workouts start approximately every 3 minutes, with the total circuit lasting roughly 30 minutes. We encourage members to walk in, warm up, and workout – no wait!

If you would like to learn more about The Hit Fit Club, contact us today or drop in for a FREE TRAINING SESSION!