Our Workout Regimen

 The Hit Fit Club has created its own workout program called The Hit. A 30-minute workout that you can fit into the busiest of schedules, The Hit takes cross training to a new level that’s fun, challenging and, most importantly, effective.

Benefits of the Hit

With The Hit, you build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular stamina simultaneously — no need to spend hours in the gym like you used to in the past. You get interval training

AND functional fitness rolled into each half-hour session, and you see results FAST. You’ll carve muscles as you burn fat to get in the best shape of your life.

It’s a training circuit, not a scheduled class, so you aren’t locked into set times, nor do you have to feel up to any particular fitness level to participate with confidence. It’s perfect for anyone with a packed or fluctuating schedule, from busy college students to working parents to social seniors- and everyone else in between!

Start Where you Are

Another beauty of The Hit is that it’s individualized, meaning you can start from your current fitness level, whether that’s well-intentioned couch potato or serious athlete. You can opt to start our program with a scheduled one-on-one lesson to teach you the basic exercises and movements, as well as to help you learn the concept of circuit training, or just jump right in. As you grow, our trainers can introduce more challenging moves and techniques, so your fitness level never plateaus.

A Trainer in your corner

The secret weapon at The Hit Fit Club is the trainer we provide for you to help you stay motivated. You won’t be going it alone, so if you’re tempted to quit or if you get confused with a specific part of The Hit program, your trainer will get you back on track right away, with no wasted time and no anxiety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have martial arts experience to do The Hit?

No, you need no martial arts training prior to starting The Hit program. If you do have experience doing martial arts, great. But if you’re a total newbie, no problem. Our trainers will get you up to speed right away and keep adding to your repertoire of moves as your skill level grows.

Do I need to sign up for a class?

No classes, no sign up required. The Hit is an interval training program that rotates every few minutes. Just show up during training hours and we’ll rotate you into the session for your 30 minutes of fun and fitness.

Do you offer drop-in training?

There are no official drop-in training sessions. Once you have your optional one-on-one training meeting to get you started with The Hit, everything happens within your interval workouts. You simply show up whenever you feel like it and do your interval workouts. A trainer will always be there to motivate you and answer questions. New rotations start every two or three minutes, so you’re never waiting for a class to start or worried if you’re running late.

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